Thursday, June 25, 2015

self destruction in the form of emotional eating

They tell me now, that emotional eating is considered a Mental Disorder and there is apparently medication for it.......
Honestly. Im sure my mother could probably tell you the exact second of the exact day when I started eating to encumber my emotional instability, I on the other hand just know that if I am in the slightest bit of an unhappy mood, do not, and i will not repeat, DO NOT get in between me and my fucking cookies and chips and chocolate and cake and gummies and sour candies and. . . so on and so forth. (Hopefully you've gotten the picture by now)
Not that I have any interest in being labelled with yet another disorder and having another pill added to my already hefty pill case. But really?!
And I mean, that occasional emotional eating binge... not a big deal. Everybody needs to have a day here and there. I know its not pretty to admit, but I have a problem. I have an emotional eating binge fest at least once a day, everyday, every month. Is it just habit for me now, even I dont know.
This is not a new thing in my life, because I can acknowledge that this is something I have done for at LEAST the last 10 years if not more. Is there an app for that?! *haha, sorry. technology humor*
Okay, so I know I know, this is not really a laughing matter. But How else am I supposed to deal with all of this?
I could go into a downward spiral and eat that unopened package of Oreos sitting across from me... but then doesnt that defeat the whole purpose of saying loud and proud and letting my freak flag fly about how I admit it. I have an eating problem... and not an anorexia I dont eat problem, but an I eat WAY TOO MUCH and ignore the unhealthy factor of what I eat and the proportions of consumption.
Because apparently eating a bag of chips to myself and a box of cookies to myself and then going out for candy and ice cream is something one person is NOT supposed to do in the span of an hour.

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