Sunday, July 26, 2015

Treatment Begins

I met yesterday with the RN who is to begin my treatment sessions. It is on her recomendation that I go into the DBT therapy and group therapy which at the end she did say she would be sending me for, I will continue to meet with her on a bi-weekly basis and DBT will start in September, maybe October.
Which means me being off work  for alot longer than I expected but a necessary part of my recovery at this point and time, for myself and others around me.
She went over alot of my diagnosis of BPD and wanted to make sure that I understood it. Which, to a degree I do and it keeps making more and more sense as I get further and further into talking to people about it.
Mostly it was an hour and a half of us discussing what my life was like growing up and how my childhood and teenage years were, piecing together from information she already had and trying to add it all up. It wasnt really that easy of a task for me since the majority of my life prior to me turning 20 I have repressed and made effort to forget the most of it
It was new for me. even though we were discussing my life it was like opening my eyes for the first time about alot of things. Trying to address things with a new understanding of being Boarderline Personality Disorder is totally different from looking at tit from a major depressive disorder point of view, even a bi polar point of view.
I have  been fighting for so long to get proper diagnosis, and not expecting BPD that I didnt stop to think that I may be more than bi polar, I may be something else, and certain episodes in my life may suddenly fit because of this new knowledge I have.
I am now in the process of reading and educating myself on what exactly Boarderline Personality Disorder is, and how its going to affect ,e and my othr diagnosis. IS this going to change anything or will it change everything?
Mostly, I just want to know what I am dealing with and how to handle it. Mostly, I just want to know more about BPD and how its going to change how iI handle life from here on out.

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